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Springs is excited! She can hardly contain herself as we find out that Dan Harmon is coming back to Community… She’s even drinking from her ‘Troy and Abed In the Morning’ mug!

English: Dan Harmon at a panel for Community a...
Dan Harmon at PaleyFest 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After our brace of podcasts for this show we have a chat about some TV and Movies (see list and links below) and I wonder if it’s my age or if films today have got really fast. I originally noticed it with the first Tranformers movie but just assumed that was Michael Bay…however, Man Of Steel has given me the same feeling so maybe it’s just the age of my eyes. 

Also, is it just me, or would Christopher Reeve‘s Superman had more thought about innocent bystanders and moved the fight to some less populated area?

Springs rambles about tv being better than movies and introduces us to her new holistic venture, The Magical thinking institute

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Dan Harmon is back!

Orphan Black

The New Mic has arrived
Springs only broke up with 2 podcasts, Big Pop Fun and My Brother, My Brother & Me,
but added several new ones.

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Auf Wiedersehen Pet

My Drunk Kitchen

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