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Starts with “spring’s robot” and then we chat about My new job…earning more than I’ve ever earned before!  Also, my upcoming holiday to Disney World is in danger of turning me into a Disney bore.  We discuss two podcasts that have ended – Bell’s in the Batfry and Making it With Ricci Lynhome and this leads us to the ‘shocking’ new Garfunkle and Oates song – The Loophole.

* A plane flies by and I close the window, but we both lost our train of thought….
While I wasn’t working, I spent some time trying to get my media into some semblance of order…I have 443 distinct tv shows and 2678 films.  I haven’t got round to the Music yet…Last time I looked it was about 80,000 tracks.
* Spring’s get’s distracted by the view out Mr. Geek’s window. It’s still light out…

Quote from Springs “I am not a Scooby-Doo villain!”
Plans for the remaining shows of Season 1 are discussed and we have a full recap of The Imaginary Family Tree. Next show we’ll be having our movie recap 

During some general movie discussion where I’ve watched a lot of movies recently but none worth a real review, I come to realise I’m a tofu reviewer (I take on the opionions of whatever I’ve read).  I don’t seems to be passionate about many of the films I watch…they’re all just ‘meh’.  We get onto 3D movies and Springs feels that I ‘patiently (and sarcastically) explains how 3D movies work’.
Springs dreams of winning the lottery…… (Magical Thinking Institute)
The Snug Podcasting Network needs a third podcast. Anyone interested, Springs is a willing guest or co-host. Mr.Geek has 2 podcasts, why can’t Springs.

* Springs is still looking for the “spalweblaha” button on her keyboard.

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Spring’s did not break-up with Improv for Humans. It was saved by the guest appearances ofAmy Poehler and Maria Bamford.

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