The Season Finale

Its the end of Season One!  We give you a recap of some of our favcourite podcasts this season and cobble together a Top 5 each…Then, the unthinkable happens!

For those of you who have been asking, the Springs And Mr. Geek Theme is Atchika Boum by Janko Nilovic

English: The Thrilling Adventure Hour at M-Bar...
Thrilling Adventure Hour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Springs’ Top 5 Podcasts This Season:
I Seem Fun

Mr Geek’s Top 5 Podcasts This Season:
Film Sack
Answer Me This
Good Job Brain
Inside The Magic

The Magical Thinking Institute rules!!  And don’t you forget it!

Of course, We’d love to get your questions so you can either email them to our temporary email or find us on Facebook

This show is approx
  1 hour 30 mins

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