Deep Shit And The Quiet Village

In the penultimate show of this season we introduce you to our usual brace of new podcasts, Deep Shit and The Quiet Village, and then we head off all over the place

We watch a man threading the needle in a Flying Squirrel Suit , We find out that Springs has Situational Torrettes (especially when sky diving), discuss wether it should be Gif or Jif no matter what they say, Springs has just found the ‘Other’ tab in her Facebook messages and we hear about Whose Line is it anyway (see below)

Podcasts This Show:
Deep Shit
The Quiet Village

Movies And TV: 
Whose Line Is It Anyway
–  the old Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss  -6 min 30secs
The Killing – Forbrydelsen
Big Fat Quiz Of The year
Random Youtubings: 
Ear worm learning 

Of course, We’d love to get your questions so you can either email them to our temporary email or find us on Facebook

This show is approx
  1 hour 30 mins

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