Good Job Brain And
Stop Podcasting Yourself

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
Mystery Incorporated (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow…Springs’ sound is bad on this one…her nice microphone has packed in and she’s just on her built-in laptop mic…oh myyyy!

She starts us of by introducing us to “Stop Podcasting Yourself” (straight after dropping the bombshell that she’s breaking up with a few podcasts in her list).  

We also find out that it’s the show that the Springs family go to bed with.  My podcast this show is Good Job Brain…a podcast so good they even have their own press kit. I also share some random facts from the show that have stuck in my head.

After some general TV chat, I enthusiastically recommend Scooby Doo : Mystery Incorporated (stop reading this and go watch it now)  and Springs suggests I start watching Orphan Black

We also: Shout out to Listener James Wood, discuss Roller Derby and end with some MRI and other fun heath chit chat.

Podcasts This Show:

Movies / TV:
Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated

Orphan Black
The Office

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This show is approx
  1 hour 13 mins
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