WDW Today And Mental Illness Happy Hour

We’re starting to near the end of ‘season 1’ and figured it was a good time for a recap (see last show for Imaginary Family Tree recap)

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so this show, after our brace of podcasts, we run down most of the films and tv we’ve covered since show 1.  Now, my ‘show notes elf’ did send me a list but I figure you can just listen and find out what made it.  Also, there is a show notes archive for you to peruse at your leisure.
Spoiler rant (Springs even interrupts Mr.Geek’s thought! sorry for being so interrupting.) Question posed – what is one sentence that could spoil the most films. 
I’ve been catching up on Good Job Braiin again so we chat about Frances Glessner Lee and how she entered the world of forensic crime investigation.  Also the movie about her called Of Dolls and Murder
We move onto a quick explanation of Fan Edits (and discuss some of the ones I’ve recently downloaded).
Springs introduces us to the whole range of Thumb films !
Chit chat about Peter Lorre (again) which leads to The Groovy Ghoulies.
Springs has a spooky experience. Was it paranormal…or was it the drugs?!
She also suggests we watch Adventure Time!  Then, weirdest of all, she tells us about random pianos (yes, PIANOS!!) showing up around Salt Spring Island

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