I’d just like to start by apologising…I don’t have a podcast for you this show…The Retroist has been sooooo good that I’ve not been able to drag myself away from it…But I promise to have a new podcast for you for next show.  

To make matters worse, Springs doesn’t have a proper podcast for you this week either but she does introduce us to the brilliant Jacksfilms, a comedy Youtube channel that features ‘Your Grammer Sucks!’

Springs suggests that we start covering Disney movies on the run up to my holiday in December but I have to admit that I don’t watch a lot of them…I do however share some facts about films and theme park rides and even though I’m totally wrong about when Uncle Walt died I now know its December 15th 1966.

This Shows Springs Pet Peeve is People in tv shows using past tense too soon’.
It should also be noted that she saves worms and wants to be known as ‘Goddess Among Worms’.

Famous Inanimate Objects – Where are they now?

Imaginary Family ‘World Of Music’ Tree

Tim Minchin – Brother

Previously on SAMG
The first episode of The Mythical Show gets a unanimous thumbs up from us

Springs loved Stitches but rightly points out there’s not enough Ross Noble in it.
And finally this season there is an episode of Community that Springs actually likes

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