This Feels Terrible and Hypothetical Help
It’s Show 11

Vefore we get into our podcasts for this show, we kick off by discussing the meaning of unisex and get all ‘wordy’ as we discuss spelling.

A Mr. Geek Warning : As I have just booked my Holiday to Florida (for Dec) I suspect there will be some Disney podcasts in your future.

Springs bemoans the fact that Mr. Springs tried to listen to Todd Glass but didn’t like it at all and reiterates that you must start with Show 75 and give it ‘some time to breath’.
So we do our podcasts like normal…And then it gets weird.

We ask ‘Would you swim here?” and then Springs improvs some weird podcast titles and I see if they exist.  One day we may even improv part of an episode.

You want more weird?  Springs makes up diseases! Super scary biscuits.  I should probably warn you not to eat before listening but I won’t…nobody warned me!  I decide that if you’re making up fictional oozey diseases, you should probably think up the cure too!

Then I show my true colours and out myself as a ‘fontist’  Why?  Because Springs likes Comic Sans…However she gets the Geek trophy of the show as she admits to watching a font documentary.

Segue into maniacal laughter….

The freaky cherry on the crazy cake is Die Antwoord – I Fink U Freaky
thus ending this week’s weird and wonderful journey….

Oh, by the way…first person to get in touch gets a prize!!

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