Drunken Zombie and You Made It Weird

Halle Berry as Storm in X-Men: The Last Stand ...
Halle Berry as Storm (2006). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is the first day of Spring!
Spring has sprung! Maybe not in the UK, maybe not in ALL of Canada, but on Spring’s little island it has! but what has happened to Springs’ daffodils??  Were they stolen or eaten??

Springs talks about living in Wolverhampton – Puzzle Face, stolen passport,Lalala lalalala lalalalalalalala, 1 banana 2 banana 3 banana 4……The Banana Splitz!

I talk about Project X (6 out of 10 ish) and how I came to it having being led to believe it was something else.  Springs informs us what the Library of Congress says is the most watched film and part way through she has a brain fart (or, she claims,  2 different conversations at the same time) and confuses the above film with something totally different!! It throws me for a sec, Weirdo!  We also find out that Springs hates all the actors in Movie 43 (for being in Movie 43?) – especially Halle Berry who she’s never forgiven for her shitty Storm portrayal.

Phone call interruption with musical interlude…
Interesting and then weird.
Hear about Spring’s obsession with the Veronica Mars Kickstarter! (like the rest of the internet) and she also gives us an update on the horrible diseases. No real cure yet but Spring’s scientists are working on it!
Word Springs was looking for – terrarium

We have a quick chit chat about Good Mythical Morning’s episode about the sound gun that makes you sound like an idiot and then realise that next show we become teenagers 

Imaginary Family TreeLarry Blamire – sworn in as Brother 

Previously on SAMGAnswer Me This Podcast has been encouraging customers to test Mr Geek’s employer Thorntons‘ willingness to write rude things on chocolates. It’s a bit strange when podcasty goodness seeps into our real lives!

Springs revisits ‘Fruit on mains’ and Silent Film Actors who are still alive. (13 of them including Mickey Rooney, both Mr. G and Springs thought he was dead…Now we know.

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