Good Mythical Morning and The History Chicks
It’s Show 10

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I thank Springs for inadvertantly introducing him to his podcast choice this week…It’s our first video podcast and it DAILY…of course I’m referring to Good Mythical Morning by the geniuses known as Rhett And Link.  I may rattle through my review but what I lack in staying power, I make up for in passion (kinda like my lov…er…doesn’t matter).

Springs waxes lyrical about the History Chicks before reviewing a 1980’s documentary series called A Celebration Of The American Silent Film.   We also cover Wreck It Ralph, the new Netflix series House Of Cards.  Finally I ask Springs, “Community??”

Podcasts This Show:

Movies / TV:

A Celebration Of The American Silent Film
Wreck-It Ralph
House Of Cards

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This show is approx  1 hour 2 mins
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