Sex Nerd Sandra and Autopilot
It’s Show 9, The un-Valentines show

Bob Ross
Bob Ross (Photo credit: Dave Nicoll)

Previously on SAMG:  Mr Geek is STILL listening to I Should Be Writing!! Yes, he’s that far behind but at least he’s been inspired to start using Scrivener and pick up his five year old novel idea.  Springs talks I.T. Crowd and The Office and Sweetcorn…Why? There’s no reason.  A slightly embarrassed pink-faced Springs introduces us to Sex Nerd Sandra and Mr Geek goes into Autopilot.  We discuss Bob Ross and play Bob Ross Remixed and also plays some Symphony Of Science.  Mr Geek then tries to explain to Springs what jailbreaking is.
We round off the show with Real dolls, humanesque robots and Furbys (which leads to me finding my new favourite podcast…more next show).
Finally, if you meet Springs in the street, don’t forget to ask her for two pubes for a penny

Podcasts This Show:
Sex Nerd Sandra

Imaginary Family Tree:

Great Aunts:  Bette Davies, Katherine Hepburn
Great Uncles:  James Stewart, Cary Grant, Peter Lorre
Brother:  Neil Patrick Harris

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This show is approx  1 hours 36 mins

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