The Moth, Risk And Coverville
Max Raabe
Cover of Max Raabe

Saints Alive…It’s Show 5… 

This time we cover a trio of podcasts (see below) and the head off into the wild wilderness of Springs’ mind ūüėõ

We introduce you to Max Raabe by way of his cover of Blue, we have a bit of TV talk as we compare and contrast Castle and The Mentalist.  We even find out which show Springs has broken up with recently.
We have a new segment: Yes Or No?

This week we find out who Tamara chose as siblings in:

T’s Imaginary Family Tree
Sam Harris – Seth Greens Twin
Jimmy Fallon
Erin McGathy (Dan Harmon – Brother In Law)
Nathan Fillion
Allison BreeYvette Brown
Gillian Jacobs

Podcasts This Show:

The MothRisk

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This show is approx  1 hours 13 mins
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