Improv 4 Humans And How Did This Get Made?

Hold the door…It’s Show Number 4… 

This time we cover our customary brace of podcasts and segue where needed to cover a little bit of a movie review then suddenly there is a massive tanget and the show goes weird…Well, I say ‘the show’…  You’ll have to listen to find out some intriguing insight into the mind of Springs.  You have been warned!

We also chat a little about  Robot Chicken and cover our first internet radio station the 1920’s Network.

This week we find out who Tamara chose as siblings in:

Janet Varney
Janet Varney reacts to being Springs’ imaginary sibling (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

T’s Imaginary Family Tree
Janet Varney
Seth Green
Podcasts This Show:

Improv 4 Humans
How Did This Get Made?

Weird things we learned this week
Far too many weird and disturbing things
Movies This Show:

tangentially…Sleepaway Camp

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This show is approx  1 hours 13 mins
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