I Should Be Writing And Todd Glass
It’s Show 7, welcome to 2013…

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In this show we teach you what a podcast is and how to get them, just in case you’re getting this show the old fashioned way then we move onto our brace of podcasts for this show (including the biggest clip yet from Springs’ podcast choice this week). 

We talk about feedback (and how much we’d like some please) and general podcast listener etiquette then we move onto our film review…we tangentially cover a number of TV shows too this show (listed below). 

The astute amongst you may have noticed we have some new jingles, courtesy of the Official Voice Of The Snugradio Podcasting Network, Eric Saint John…thank Eric

Podcasts This Show:

Tv And Movies This Show:

Pump Up The Volume (full film below)

Elementary (tangent)
Smallville  (tangent)

Of course, We’d love to get your questions for our upcoming advice column: Questionable Guidance so you can either email them to our temporary email  snugradio@yahoo.co.uk or find us on Facebook

This show is approx  1 hours 36 mins
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