Show 2 – The JV Club / Creepshow

Hello…Welcome to episode 2 of our new podcast. 

This time
Tamara does not go on an Fbomb rant. It is neither “big” nor “clever” but I gotta be me! So ūüėõ
Mr. Geek wins the geek-off right away by knowing where the Nerdist got “Enjoy Your Burrito” ending from. (tune in to the show to find out!)

We also find out which films have given us nightmares and Mr Geeks thoughts about the new Sherlock Holmes show, Elementary
Springs goes on a “listen to podcasts” rant. There are podcasts out there for everyone!

Mr. Geek gives us an list of 10 novels scarier than horror movies.  What are they? You ask…well, you’ll just have to listen (it’s quite near the end)

New Segment Alert!!
This week we find out who Tamara chose as grandparents in:
T’s Imaginary Family Tree
whether you like it or not!!!


Sir David Attenborough
Richard Dawkins

Jane Goodall
Betty White  

Mentioned In Passing:
BLING SQUARED (Here‘s the Bling Squared Shop and Here’s their Facebook page)
Podcasts This Show:

Mr. Geek reviews – an audio book called The Portable Door by Tom Holt
Springs reviews The JV Club

Here’s their Facebook Page   The JV Club is Springs’ favorite podcast.

Weird things we learned this week

Mr. Geek listens to his podcasts and audio books at double speed!

We got one complaint about Springs’ foul mouth. It wasn’t even a listener.  It was an over-hearer. Damn Mr. Geek, having the volume up too loud while he was editing the show.
Movies This Show:

Mr. Geek – Creepshow

Advice This Show:

None (probably for the best)

Of course, We’d love to get your questions for our advice column: Questionable Guidance so you can either email them to our temporary email or find us on Facebook

This show is approx  1 hours 16 mins
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