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Mr Geek

World’s Worst Podcast

Two dudes talking about stuff, sometimes philosophically.

Earn Your Happy Podcast Cover


Earn Your Happy

We EARN our Happy each day.
It’s not what you’ve been eating, it’s not what you’ve been doing, it’s what you’ve been THINKING that creates your body and your reality.
Together we’re going to make sure you find and live your purpose, surrender your fears and let your soul lead the way.

Movies And TV

Goobaly – Short and random

SmeeGore fired Goobaly…

Random Youtubings

  • America’s Got Talent – Angelica
  • America’s Got Talent – Grace
  • America’s Got Talent – Darcy
House Of Cards Blu-ray
Maria Bamford


Each show, we will pick a podcast that fits the Ugly / Weird slot that we are using as the Season 5 MacGuffin. We will both listen to 5 episodes and report back next time.

Last shows homework was:   The Good, The Board & The Ugly

Would Mr Geek join a local group of gamers?
Does he have a gaming store nearby?
There is a new shop on Salt Spring Island called Foxes At Play

Good Board And Ugly Artwork

Next Shows Homework:

Ugly In The Morning

“Who are Derek and Ben? Nobody. What do they want? Nothing. But they’ve got something to say. Maybe to YOU. Tune in and ignore the burning sensation.”

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