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  • PI – yup it’s time for PI!
  • Best man advice from Mr Geek, cause he’s a man.
  • Trump…still Trump…WTF?

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Episode 20! Top 5 of the season

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Bad Ash Artwork

Mr Geek

Bad Ash

Join Kaliegh and Levi as they delve into everything horror, creepy, and macabre! With everything from current Horror News, to classic movie monsters, to real life witch hunters!


Sounds Good with Branden Harvey

Sounds Good With Branden Harvey is a weekly podcast hosting hopeful conversations with optimists and world-changers about the unique experiences that drive them to use their influence for good. Episodes are released every Monday.

Movies And TV

  • Once Upon a Time (only watching 6 of the 7 seasons)
  • Jessica Jones Season 2
  • Drunk History -US
  • Nearly Departed
  • Topper tv show and movie

Random Youtubings

jessica jones season 2


Each show, we will pick a podcast that fits the Ugly / Weird slot that we are using as the Season 5 MacGuffin. We will both listen to 5 episodes and report back next time.

Last shows homework was:   Destroy Ugly Radio

Next Shows Homework:

No homework next show as its the “Season Finale Review Show”

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