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  • Springs and her mental head.
  • A Bar creates a drink called Pill Cosby
  • Trudeau vs Trump

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  • Ariana Grande concert

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Mr Geek

The Ultimate Man

Are you looking to become a better man? The Ultimate Man Podcast by Paul McGregor is here to help improve your confidence and unlock your full potential. Paul invites experts in all areas of life onto the show to discuss confidence, fitness, health, style, dating, career, mental health and more. It’s time to unlock the ultimate version of yourself and become the best man you can be.


Darker Projects – 5 Min Fears

We are a darker audio drama company who present to you original projects such as Tales from the Museum and The Falcon Banner in addition to our popular Doctor Who interpretations.   As always in the ill-omened darkness, you’ll find the most breathtaking surprises, so be sure to stay tuned

Movies And TV

Goobaly – Short and random


Random Springs-ings

  • With so many entertainment options we are not all watching the same things at the same time. Too much to watch?
  • Game I am addicted to called Brutal

Random Youtubings


Each show, we will pick a podcast that fits the Ugly / Weird slot that we are using as the Season 5 MacGuffin. We will both listen to 5 episodes and report back next time.

Last shows homework was:   The Ugly Rumour

Ugly Rumor Artwork

Next Shows Homework:

Good Board And Ugly Artwork

The Good, The Board & The Ugly

“I used to encourage everyone I met to make [board game podcasts], I used to think everyone should do it. I don’t do that so much anymore.”

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