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  • Springs thinks she needs to improve the speed she gets the editing done.
  • She is still suffering from an August tooth removal
  • Trump!!!


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  • What the hell is going on in the world?!
  • Springs is visiting the UK again in April!

Podcasts This Show:

Worst Thing Ever Artwork

Mr Geek

Worst Thing Ever 

Three guys discussing life, the universe, and everything. Sometimes we have special guests. Sometimes we’re drunk. Sometimes we discuss movies, sometimes we discuss Digital Rights Management.


Good Times With Arsenic

Join the hosts: Blackbeard the Bastard, The Diabetic, and Sailor Jeffery as they talk about weird news, disgusting Tinder dates, beer, a b******t class 1 substance, sex, stds, cigars, and random fuckery. Prepare yourself to be penetrated by the smooth sound of their drunken voices.

Stranger Things Poster


Each show, we will pick a podcast that fits the Ugly / Weird slot that we are using as the Season 5 MacGuffin. We will both listen to 5 episodes and report back next time.

Last shows homework was:   Deadly Manners

Deadly Manners Artwork

Next Shows Homework:

Weird Adults with Little Esther

“Little Esther Povitsky finds out what makes her fellow comedian friends both weird and adult with an irreplaceable quirk and charm not found anywhere else.”

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