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  • The United Airlines debacle

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Ultimate Disney Adventures Artwork

Mr Geek

Ultimate Disney Adventures

Disney Adventurer’s Holly and Mandy take you on their adventures and help you create your own adventures! Tune in to Ultimate Disney Adventures podcast!


The Beginning of the End

Stories about when, how and why things end, told by the people who have to live with what happens next.  WDET’s original biweekly podcast featuring people who feel the winds of change blowing (and messing with their lives). It’s a show that burrows into the mental debate and soul-searching involved in life’s twists. New 15- to 20-minute episodes every other Wednesday.

13 Reasons Why poster


Each show, we will pick a podcast that fits the Ugly / Weird slot that we are using as the Season 5 MacGuffin. We will both listen to 5 episodes and report back next time.

Last shows homework was:

The Drunk & The Ugly

Drunk & Ugly artwork

Next Shows Homework:

The Ugly Couch Show

Bringing Pop Culture and Cult Geekery to the Masses, Hosts PAUL MATTINGLY and TODD BRISTOW, along with producers BARRY ROBB and JEFFREY GUNTER, tell you what to watch, what to read and what to play. The Ugly Couch Show is a video webcast featuring reviews of Video Games, TV Shows, Movies, Books, Comics and other Geek Culture as well as interviews with cast and producers of popular Movies and Television Series.

We’d love to get your questions so you can either email them to or find us on Facebook