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  • Is Springs being recorded this show? (only just)
  • Springs is getting a nose operation. in January.
  • Young Springs Jr. has arrived home after her US trip
  • US election (little did we know..!)
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Mr Geek

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Random Springs-ing

  • $100 million natural pearl. 54/40 Ocean Pearl
  • Glitch My Matrix – – there is a Reddit group called a Glitch in My Matrix
  • Song Mashups you never want to hear? PPAP plus the ancient Internet ‘sensation’ What, what in my butt?”.

Random Youtubings



Each week, we will turn to the Random Podcast Selecting Machine and review whatever podcast it spits out. We will both listen to 5 episodes and report back next show.

Last weeks homework was:   A Thousand Things to Talk About

Next Shows Homework:

My Dad Wrote a Porno

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Rusted Root – Send Me on My Way


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