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  • Springs will read “What is a Juggalo” from the urban dictionary, typed in by an actual Juggalo.

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Mr Geek

Doug Loves Movies

Movies And TV

Dead or Alive – You Should Have A Podcast

  • Time Travel – We have a machine that randomly picks a person, topic, and time periods. Eg: Henry the 8th, cooking/eating as the topic. Guests from 1965.

Random Springs-ing

Springs has memorized pi to the 27th decimal point as of July 28th.

Time travel presidential candidate. Andrew Basiago

South Park – it started as a weird little art project, they showed all of projects to people. One guy hired them to make another South Park short just for him. He  paid them $10,000. The tape got passed around…. someone showed Matt and Trey the tape.

Springs is disturbed by photos of babies and kids with a dog in the baby’s face.

Why is it called ‘going to sleep’ or ‘falling asleep’?


Random Youtubings

Adult Swim – The Book of Christ – Infomercial (see below)


Each week, we will turn to the Random Podcast Selecting Machine and review whatever podcast it spits out. We will both listen to 5 episodes and report back next show.

Last weeks homework was:  The Stuff They Don’t Want You to know

Next Shows Homework:

Think Sink – Brain Storm Podcast


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