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  • A Message from Being Honest With My Ex
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Mr Geek

Hidden Brain (with Shankar Vedantam)


Cavern of Secrets – A show about extraordinary women, hosted by Lauren Mitchell. From Hazlitt.

Movies And TV

Random Springs-ing

Interactive game with different categories ie: music, movies,… You have to recreate a musicians’  iconic vocalization. Michael Jackson’s sound…or an actors famous lines.

Voice donation at VocalID

Random Youtubings


Each week, we will turn to the Random Podcast Selecting Machine and review whatever podcast it spits out. We will both listen to 5 episodes and report back next show.

Last weeks homework was:  Clone Club

Springs says “omg I hated it… I probably didn’t give it a fair shot. But I’m going to look for all Orphan Black podcasts and find the best one. God Awful movies has spoiled many podcasts because they do their homework, they poke fun but they also are able to actually talk about  specifics of the movies. I want to find that in an Orphan Black podcast. And by gum I will find it!”

Next Shows Homework:

Under The Influence


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