91 Essential Reasons

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  • Springs cursed herself by bragging about how quick last show came out.
  • This American Horror Story podcast is back, as is American Horror Story!
  • Smeegore counts fucks (but doesn’t give any)

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Mr Geek – 91 Reasons
Springs – The Essential Classics interview

A pumpkin carved into a jack-o'-lantern for Ha...
A pumpkin carved into a jack-o’-lantern for Halloween (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Movies And TV

Stephen Fry quitting QI
American Horror Story
Z-Nation (again…its nuts)
The Sleepy Hollow / Bones Crossover
Halloween Wars / Halloween Baking something something

Scream Queens
How to Get Away with Murder
Brookland 99

Films I’m looking forward to watching in October:  

Random Springs-ing

  • Death And Bodies

Random Youtubings

Unicorn Poo


Each week, we will turn to the Random Podcast Selecting Machine and review whatever podcast it spits out.  We will both listen to the same 5 episodes and report back next show.

Last weeks homework was Unjustly Maligned

Things Springs would defend
  • Cold Play

Next Shows Homework:

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