It’s 2015!

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  • We look back on the strange events of our Christmas show
  • The (2nd) Twilight Zone podcast host has quit
  • This is a fantastic Serial parody
  • Serial has a 2nd season
  • We get a voicemail from SmeeGore

Podcasts This Show:

We didn’t assign each other podcasts last show so we have none this show but next shows podcasts will be Harmontown and If I Were You

Movies And TV

Farscape (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Arrow and Flash crossover
Binge watching Farscape.
Agent Carter

Random Springs-ing

Fake bands and strange band names

(The Archies and Def Leppard, Springs is looking at you)

Random Youtubings


Each week, we will turn to the Random Podcast Selecting Machine and review whatever podcast it spits out.  We will both listen to the same 5 episodes and report back next show.

Last weeks homework was No Such Thing as a Fish

Next Shows Homework:

World Of Music:

Dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip – Get Better

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  1 hour  24 mins