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S05E07 – Earn Your Worst

Previously On: Apple Makes Podcast Feed Changes Daddyofive 1 min - breathing, 1 min - stretching..   New Business: Covfefe?? Podcasts This Show: [...]

S05E06 – Five Minute Man

Previously On: Springs and her mental head. A Bar creates a drink called Pill Cosby Trudeau vs Trump New Business: Ariana Grande concert Podcasts This [...]

S05E05 – Idiots Bestsellers

Previously On: Junkfood Cinema Mandela The Simpsons Mandela   New Business: There is a fight going on in the Fella world between SmeeGore and Goobaly... [...]

S05E04 – Disney End

Previously On: Craft classes going well. Trump   New Business: The United Airlines debacle Podcasts This Show: Mr Geek Ultimate Disney [...]

S05E03 – Best Worst Show

Previously On: Springs gets a business call. Springs starts teaching Quilling. Missing Richard Simmons podcast is number one on iTunes. Springs: Me, my brain and I.   New [...]

S05E02 – Ultimate Things Awful

Previously On: What’s happening this season... The Third Party Controller Podcast  New Business: Springs Has Restarted D&D Podcasts This Show: Mr [...]

S05E01 – Best Foot Ever

Previously On: Recap season 4 finale. Springs is a Best Man (Person?) Springs' Nasal Operation Bell’s in the Batfry - Technical Difficulties podcast Trump News - https://whatthefuckjusthappenedtoday.com/ When [...]

S04E20 – Season Finale

Previously On: 2016 : The good, The Bad & The Ugly The game... Obama Llama Springs gets a live call and it makes her year. We get mail and it [...]

S04E19 – Christmas Humbugs

Previously On: How are Springs' hands? The SnugRadio Christmas Stream Podcasts This Show: Mr Geek Can’t Wait For Christmas   [...]

S04E18 – Magic Sense

Previously On: Episode 17 Weirdness - SmeeGore took over. Wrong band in show 16 - Cold War Kids sounds like Rough Trade. Trump. Trump? TRUMP?!?!?!?! New Business Next show [...]

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